Book Club: Forever Check In #1

Sorry this first check-in is late! I thought I had scheduled them in advance but I guess not. Derp.

Forever seems to be divided into sections with smaller sub-chapters, so today let’s discuss the first two sections- through chapter 30. Continue reading


Throwback Thursday

I have a lot of photos from Baby Day that I haven’t shared because they are just really raw. I love to look at them from time to time because the emotion in them is so powerfully evident, but some of them are just meant for our eyes only, and not the internet. But I found this one today as I was looking through them, and wow- I love it. Our first family photo- the love of my life kissing me so sweetly, evidence of how much he supported me through our baby’s birth. And a new love of my life, laying so peacefully on the outside of mama for the first time. He’s actually in the exact same spot right now as I type this, though he takes up significantly more space now.

That is all- I just wanted to share because this beautiful moment with you. Happy Thursday!

mommy daddy and snayby

Book Club: Forever

As you may have noticed, the new book for Book Club is being announced eleven days late! That was to allow time for a few stragglers to catch up and finish last month’s book. And now that (I think?) we’ve all finished, it’s time to heave a collective sigh of relief (seriously) and move on!

Because February is a short month and we’re cutting it shorter by announcing the book so late, this book will extend through March as well. I’m going to give everyone the rest of February to get a hold of the book (I had to place mine on hold at the library and waited about a week to get it) and begin reading, and we’ll begin our weekly check-ins in March! Continue reading

Charlie: 5 Months

Month 5 was the most difficult month so far. Much harder than dealing with a newborn, who mostly sleeps during the day! Ever since we arrived home from Christmas, we have had a bit of a rough patch. Charlie was going through a pretty significant developmental milestone, marked by being clingy, fussy, and all-around grouchy! It’s also marked by what some people refer to as the “4 month sleep regression”. Really it’s a progression because it’s a sign of the mental progress they’re making, but it often means that a baby that previously slept for long stretches at a time now wakes up more frequently… which was absolutely the case for us.

Mommy is tired. Continue reading

Book Club: The Magician’s Assistant Check-In #1

Yayyy book club!

The Magician’s Assistant is not broken up by chapter (thanks a lot, Ann Patchett) but rather into two sections: At the Intersection of George Burns and Gracie Allen and Nebraska. The second section is nearly twice the size of the first, so those aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to deciding how to break it up. I know that some people read these on a Kindle or listen to an audiobook, and also that pagination can vary from edition to edition, but we’re just going to have to do the best we can to avoid spoilers. Continue reading