Getting there!

I probably wouldn’t post all of these directly to facebook (particularly the bare tummy ones) but I feel more comfortable sharing them on my own blog. Especially because I shared quite a bit about my own body image issues a while back, and I’d like to practice what I preach and show that I’m working to be comfortable in and proud of my body even as it changes in ways that don’t always please me. I haven’t been taking a perfect weekly picture, but this progression gets pretty close:

Week 5

5-ish weeks (Just found out!)

9 wks

9 weeks

11 weeks 6 days

11 week, 6 days… starting to see a little bump?


12 weeks proper (actually about 12 weeks 3 days)

14 weeks 2 days

14 weeks, 2 days. THERE is a bump! I was so excited when I saw this.

15 weeks 2 days

15 weeks, 2 days.

18 weeks 3 days

18 weeks, 3 days. Things are rounding out! Bye bye for a while, abs! See you in Winter!


19 weeks, 1 day. Shopping for new dresses because one of my favorite skirts no longer zips up!

20 weeks 2 days

20 weeks, 2 days. Infuriating how it barely shows in this pic, but you can see the black strip at the bottom- that’s my Bella Band, holding my pants up because I can no longer zip them!

21 weeks

21 weeks. People still tell me I’m barely showing, but compare it to the first picture to understand that YES I AM SHOWING. Not a fan of the additional fat accumulation on my back and waist, but it’s all part of the process.

When I start to get panicky about my weight gain (when I saw my doctor at almost 19 weeks, I had gained 6 pounds in a month), I stop and remember that this is not the time to push myself really hard exercising or to get really strict with my eating. There is a REASON for this weight gain, and HE’S got 10 fingers, 10 toes, and the most heartbreaking upper lip this side of heaven:


This isn’t a license to go crazy and eat whatever I want (at least, it’s not SUPPOSED to be… I’m workin’ on it), and I’m trying really hard to stay active. So active, in fact, that on Monday I mowed the lawn vigorously for an hour and overdid it and had to lay down in the middle of making dinner because of sudden cramps that had me doubled over in pain. Fortunately a call to the nurse line told me that it’s not uncommon if you’ve been on your feet too long and haven’t gotten enough water (guilty of both). Now I’m sticking to long, well-paced walks with the pooch and prenatal vinyasa yoga. It was a little wake up call, reminding me that I am in fact growing a person, and I HAVE to be a bit more forgiving of and gentle on my body. Yes I want to stay in good shape and bounce back quickly after the little baby chicken comes into the world, but I also don’t want to strain myself or, even worse, hurt him on accident.

We’re more than halfway there now! I look forward to the next batch of pictures I can post… I hear from now on the growth is going to speed up BIG TIME. At this point I should be gaining about a pound a week. *silent scream*


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