Charlie: Month 1

I’m a little behind. Charlie is 8 weeks today, and I’m just now getting to documenting his first month on earth. But I have, like, the best excuse of all, right?

What to say about his first month? It was a blur. It went by so fast. I spent most of it recovering from childbirth. The postpartum period was a misery I was NOT prepared for. Only now at 8 weeks postpartum do I MOSTLY feel like myself again (not entirely). I ended up with a uterine infection at 8 days pp that necessitated a trip to the emergency room. The antibiotics for that led to an entirely DIFFERENT type of infection, the details of which I will spare you from. I was sore and exhausted and leaking out of multiple orifices and pretty much miserable, and yet at the same time I was utterly blissed out and completely in love with my little squirmy worm. And I still am, except now without the leaking! :D


Ready to go home from the hospital! Less than 48 hours old. We immediately switched to a different car seat after getting him home in this one. We’ll try this one again when he’s older!


Breaking my heart in the hospital, on his first full day on earth.

charlie smile

A few days old and smiling for the camera! Or because we had him out of a diaper for this shot and he totally peed.


It occurred to us that he wasn’t quite chubby enough yet for one of those angelic “newborn sleeping” photos. Also he wouldn’t go to sleep. So we got this instead. I love it.


First “bath” at home in the sink with his fluffy flower thingie. Now we lay it down in the bathtub and use the detachable showerhead to give him showers. He loves the warm water, and SCREAMS when it stops.


Mommy’s little dinosaur. About 6 days old.


About two weeks old. Starting to chunk up a bit!


Meeting my brother, his Uncle Brandon! Two weeks old.


Meeting Auntie Julianna.


Meeting Auntie Marissa, three weeks old.


Smooches from mommy and daddy! Three weeks old.



Nonnie and Grandpa Dutton! Three weeks old.


Charlie and Mommy at his one month pediatrician appointment! He gained 4 lbs in 4 weeks! Wow!


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