Charlie: Month 2

Ack! How has it been two months?!

This is the month that we began to see fleeting social smiles (they’re still quite rare, but the frequency is increasing). He has also begun to discover his voice, which means lots of yelling, oohs, and aahs, especially when he’s laying in his Pack N’ Play and looking up at his dangling toys. Those sounds slay me.

I am beginning to feel more “myself”, easing myself back in to my favorite more intense exercise routines and going for long walks. We are developing a daily routine, which usually means getting up around 8:00 am, (he sleeps in 2-3 hours spurts right now, so I just choose to officially begin the day after his 7:30 or 8:00 am feeding), then sometimes a nap together on the couch if it was a particularly rough night. Otherwise I rock him while I try to get work done with one hand (I’m getting pretty quick at typing with only 5 fingers). It tends to take me 3-4 hours to finish 1-2 hours of work, since it tends to be broken up with feeding and soothing and changing. When mommy’s work is finished in the afternoon, I wear him around the house in my baby wrap while I do chores, and we often go for walks with the dog or run errands around town. He is staying awake for longer and longer periods, which means he actually gets to start enjoying our walks for reasons besides how soothing it feels to be rocked to sleep in the stroller or sling.


I had to include this one because it looks like he’s watching a scary movie.


This month I started working from home again after taking 5 weeks off, and one of the easiest ways to get stuff done is to wear him in a wrap or sling. He loves it and so do I!


Wearing a hat made by Nonnie Dutton.


Sitting in a sunbeam with mama.


Another hat from Nonnie. I love this one so much. My little cowsie-wowsie.


Staring suspiciously at.. the wall.


We traveled down for a visit in Portland one weekend and he got to meet Auntie Ashley! (She’s not really his aunt, but it’s easier than saying Third Cousin Ashley).


Looking ready to take on the world in a sweat suit that used to belong to his daddy!


One of those very rare smiles.


Month 2 is the month he began to be much more deliberate about sucking his fingers and hands whenever he could get them near his mouth. He still struggles to keep them there for any length of time, but the loud sucking/smacking sounds always make me laugh.


A little documentation of the increasing chub. My healthy boy! He’s wearing gDiapers and we’ve also added in a few BumGenius ones that mommy scored on the cheap. Cloth diapering is the way to go! 2 months and no rash so far.


My uniform these days- yoga pants, no makeup, and my very favorite accessory, my boy. <3


Linus often joins us for tummy time. Charlie still very much hates tummy time, and Linus isn’t a fan of loud baby squawks, but he IS a fan of comfy blankets spread on the floor.


Trying out our new jogging stroller at the dog park! Charlie loves it *almost* as much as being worn around in a sling, and mommy’s spine loves it even more than that.


I captured him in what was apparently a devious moment.


My whole heart and soul, asleep on the couch.


OH! The curve of those lips, those cheeks, that chin.


Another elusive smile, this one actually awake and social in nature! I harass him constantly with smooches and tickles in the hopes of seeing one of these.


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