Charlie: 4 Months

Mr.Pants (his dad keeps trying to reassure him that his last name is actually PRANGER, but I tell him not to listen to his daddy, he’s crazy) turned 4 months old on 12/22! I won’t know his weight or height until his appointment on the 29th (when he’ll also get his next round of vaccinations, alas!) but he is getting long! His 3 month onesies still fit through the torso, but his arms are getting a bit too long for them.

I’ve been having a lot of anxiety dreams lately about my child suddenly growing very long hair and sprouting 8 teeth and learning to walk overnight. I wake up in a panic and have to take a few moments to smooch his little (nearly) bald head, and appreciate that while he IS growing fast, he is not growing THAT fast.

Month 4 was the month that Charles took a real active interest in his toys. He is becoming more and more coordinated, and can spend quite a few minutes entertaining himself by trying to grab them and stuff them into his mouth. He is, however, not quite coordinated enough to be successful at this most of the time, which leads to angry yelling. Which leads to mama needing another cup of coffee. And another.



He loves to reach out and touch things now and is appreciating different textures.

This month Charles seemed to develop a sense of “anticipation”. He gets very excited when it’s time to eat- I get him into a cradle hold and begin adjusting my clothing, and he responds with a giant open-mouthed smile and excited breathing. Creepy in adult males, adorable in babies. He also anticipates my kisses in the only way he knows how- wide open mouth! I adore those open-mouthed baby kisses, as slobbery as they are.


Nonnie made him many hats.


We still take him out to restaurants, but he is sleeping less and less when we go out because there’s so much to look at!


If it comes close to his mouth, it goes INTO his mouth. Newton’s 4th law, I think.


He learned this month how to take his binky out of his mouth and then yell until someone puts it back in.


I don’t know when those dark blue eyes will change to match his mommy and daddy’s brown eyes, but I’m going to enjoy them while they last! So gorgeous!


I put him in this hat as much as possible- it’s a guaranteed ladykiller.


When he isn’t trying to shove his whole fist into his mouth, he prefers these two fingers. He routinely shoves them in as far as they’ll go and then gags.


Charlie lasts for several minutes during tummy time before he gets frustrated. But it’s fascinating to watch as he tries very hard to accomplish several tasks: one, rolling over. He has done it once (belly to back) on his own, but not again since then. If I let him hold my finger with one hand and very gently pull then he flips over easily. Two, he tries very hard to reach a toy placed in front of him. The poor guy was accidentally wiggling backwards as he tried to reach a ball the other day, which was both hilarious and sad. I expect that by month 6 he’ll be rolling over with ease and beginning to crawl a bit!


Just inside of month 4 Charlie celebrated his first Thanksgiving. Too young for solids, his job was to look adorable in his corduroys and old man sweater. Which he did most splendidly.


This was also the month that we left Charles with a sitter (besides grandparents) for the first time. We went to the Nintendo Christmas party on December 13, and left him with a friend for 4.5 hours. Mommy was a basket case and needed to take advantage of the free wine at the event. Daddy was juussssst fine. But Charles did wonderfully, and we came home to a happily snoozing baby. Maybe we’ll do it again in a year. ;) IMG_6640

We haven’t gotten proper giggles yet, but the huge smiles come easily. So I spend most of my time making stupid faces and gurgling like a moron, whatever it takes to produce one of those gummy grins.

Today we are traveling down to Portland to spend Christmas with our families. It’s Charlie’s first Christmas! He doesn’t know to be excited about this yet, but I am PLENTY excited for the both of us.


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