Charlie: 5 Months

Month 5 was the most difficult month so far. Much harder than dealing with a newborn, who mostly sleeps during the day! Ever since we arrived home from Christmas, we have had a bit of a rough patch. Charlie was going through a pretty significant developmental milestone, marked by being clingy, fussy, and all-around grouchy! It’s also marked by what some people refer to as the “4 month sleep regression”. Really it’s a progression because it’s a sign of the mental progress they’re making, but it often means that a baby that previously slept for long stretches at a time now wakes up more frequently… which was absolutely the case for us.

Mommy is tired.

But oh, this month was also the month of Charlie’s first Christmas, and although he didn’t have a clue what was going on, my heart was very full. And he got to meet some very important grandmas.

IMG_1682 IMG_1692 IMG_1711 IMG_1747

This is the month that he found his feet, and any time he’s on his back you can bet they’re in his hands.

IMG_1771 censored

He also found his thumb, but hasn’t figured out that he can curl his other fingers and consequently, he often pokes himself in the eye. I try not to laugh.

image 8

He won’t be ready for solids for another month, but he got a highchair and sits in it very nicely while I make dinner. Pre-baby and in the newborn days we used to flop in front of the TV on the couch at dinner time, but now we make an effort to eat our dinner at the table and make conversation, and Charlie joins us right up at the table in his highchair. A real family dinner!

image 6

He’s getting stronger and stronger by the day. He can almost sit up unassisted, he rolls onto his side from his back, and he tries to stand up every chance he gets!

image 7

In spite of the rough patches this month, it was also incredibly fun to hear his very first giggle on Christmas Eve. It made my Christmas, and since then I have been harassing him constantly with tickles and funny faces trying to elicit more giggles. They’re still pretty rare (just like smiles were in the beginning!) but I can usually get one with very light tickles to his feet/sides or by blowing raspberries into his armpits.


When the baby who Will Not Sleep falls asleep sideways, you do not dare move them.

IMG_1772 IMG_1787

Charlie started experimenting with new syllable sounds, particularly when he’s upset. The result? When he’s crying and yelling, I get lots of “mamamamamamaaa!” which keeps me from getting frustrated because it’s SO DANG CUTE.


Happy 5 months to my little bug, and thank you for the best (hardest, most sleep deprived, and most beautiful) 5 months of my life so far!


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