Book Club: Forever

As you may have noticed, the new book for Book Club is being announced eleven days late! That was to allow time for a few stragglers to catch up and finish last month’s book. And now that (I think?) we’ve all finished, it’s time to heave a collective sigh of relief (seriously) and move on!

Because February is a short month and we’re cutting it shorter by announcing the book so late, this book will extend through March as well. I’m going to give everyone the rest of February to get a hold of the book (I had to place mine on hold at the library and waited about a week to get it) and begin reading, and we’ll begin our weekly check-ins in March!

SIDE NOTE: If you have an idea for a book we should tackle in the future, please be sure to let me know! And as always, invite your friends to participate! I have a few loved ones who have been reading the book and discussing it with me in person without posting, but I always want to encourage everyone to post their responses here on the blog so we can all participate in the discussions together. You all have such insightful things to say.

Moving on!

The book for February-March is Forever by Pete Hamill.

pete hamill forever

Synopsis (via Goodreads):

This widely acclaimed bestseller is the magical, epic tale of an extraordinary man who arrives in New York in 1740 and remains … forever. Through the eyes of Cormac O’Connor – granted immortality as long as he never leaves the island of Manhattan – we watch New York grow from a tiny settlement on the tip of an untamed wilderness to the thriving metropolis of today. And through Cormac’s remarkable adventures in both love and war, we come to know the city’s buried secrets – the way it has been shaped by greed, race, and waves of immigration, by the unleashing of enormous human energies, and, above all, by hope.

I just started reading it a few days ago, and it is OMG amazing. I think this is the first book I’ve read about Irish culture and tradition (not sure how the synopsis completely left out all mention of that save his last name) and I am loving it! The opening chapters are moody and atmospheric in a way that reminded me of Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child, which I loved for the same reasons.

Our first check-in will be Friday, March 6!


2 thoughts on “Book Club: Forever

  1. I started it too, before the whole moving thing happened. I’m a few chapters in. Absolutely loving it! This is the second book of his I’ve read and I remember the other one pulling me in the same way. Yay!

  2. Alright, so roughly what page number should we be at for check in number 1? And can we please discuss what happened with Marry Morrigan in Ch. 18? Was there some sort of magic going on there… Or was the vague mystical nature of it simply Cormac’s justification for what was happening… It completely caught me off guard!

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