Charlie: 6 Months

I’m two weeks late in posting my monthly Charlie update- I have launching a new business and BABY TEETH to thank for that. Those teeth are nowhere to be found, by the way, but they still somehow find a way to make my poor little guy miserable. Month 6! Charlie is becoming so much fun. This was the month that the easy giggles began (at least when tickled, he still doesn’t think knock knock jokes are very funny). The month of consistent rolling over from tummy to back. The month of sitting up unsupported for brief periods! Charles weighs in at 18 lbs 3 oz (50-75th percentile- some people comment that he’s so big, but he actually weighed less than I expected) and 26 inches long. He’s a little on the short side! But then again… he is a baby.

Charlie 6 months

We started spending more time outside since we’ve had a mild winter and there’s been plenty of sunshine!IMG_1799

He had his first feel of grass between his fingers…IMG_1813

And speaking of firsts! We started solids about a week before he “officially” turned 6 months old. We decided he was ready when he kept trying to steal my apple. We are mostly doing baby-led weaning though we’re not opposed to feeding him things like applesauce and mashed sweet potatoes with a spoon. He usually grabs the spoon out of our hands and feeds himself! IMG_1824

His favorite foods so far are applesauce, hunks of raw cucumber, and sweet potato fries. Nom nom nom! I am continuously terrified that he will choke, but he always impresses me- if a piece feels too big for him to handle he just spits it out and goes back to chowing down. I guess helping him learn how to handle food on his own is the point of feeding him this way.IMG_1831

And I would like to announce to the world, for posterity and my son’s utter embarrassment in the future: this is definitely the month that Charles Found His Wiener. We have witnessed the beginning of what I’m sure will be a happy relationship. Oh, to be the mother of a boy.

photo 1

Charles continues to fall in love with Linus The Dog- he gets very excited whenever he spots him, and Linus has come to learn exactly what it means for his own snacking potential when we put Charlie in the highchair with a bib on. I believe their relationship is going to continue to grow in mutual affection. photo 2

He sits in highchairs in public sometimes now, although we still need to prop the little guy up with a jacket. Still a teenypants! photo 3

Charlie likes to wake me up by grabbing my lips and smacking my face until I can’t ignore him anymore. He is at least CUTER than a conventional alarm clock. When we visited family last weekend it was a great game for him to grab EVERYONE’S nose. No nose was safe. It’s so fun to watch him make new discoveries and connections.


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