My name is Sharayah, but this blog is called Snay’s Kitchen because a very special person in my life sometimes refers to me as Snay (it’s a long story) and because this blog was original only for recipes. But I realized recently that I was ranting on Facebook WAY too much about Stuff and also Things, so I decided to make this blog a bit more all-purpose. A place for my favorite recipes, yes, but also a place to dump my thoughts so my poor Facebook friends aren’t constantly being subjected to long tirades on how I feel about the word “mommy” when used as a marketing term or why I don’t give a crap what anybody else thinks I should be putting in my mouth.

When I’m not typing stuff I work from home as a virtual assistant and a private tutor. I am also an artist/writer. Oh, and I’m a new mama as of 8/22/14! It’s the best.


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