Charlie: 6 Months

I’m two weeks late in posting my monthly Charlie update- I have launching a new business and BABY TEETH to thank for that. Those teeth are nowhere to be found, by the way, but they still somehow find a way to make my poor little guy miserable. Continue reading


Throwback Thursday

I have a lot of photos from Baby Day that I haven’t shared because they are just really raw. I love to look at them from time to time because the emotion in them is so powerfully evident, but some of them are just meant for our eyes only, and not the internet. But I found this one today as I was looking through them, and wow- I love it. Our first family photo- the love of my life kissing me so sweetly, evidence of how much he supported me through our baby’s birth. And a new love of my life, laying so peacefully on the outside of mama for the first time. He’s actually in the exact same spot right now as I type this, though he takes up significantly more space now.

That is all- I just wanted to share because this beautiful moment with you. Happy Thursday!

mommy daddy and snayby

Book Club: The Goldfinch Check-In #3

Well, I feel a little foolish. This check in should have been posted TWO WEEKS AGO. My excuses are as follows: I got sick, then my baby got sick, then we were hosting Thanksgiving, then both of our cars broke down on the same day, then my in-laws visited. I’ve been running on fumes and three cups of coffee a day, and have barely had a chance to pick up the book or sit down at my laptop for an extended length of time. Continue reading