New Favorite Recipes

I haven’t been posting many recipes lately, but I HAVE been cooking. Check out some of the new recipes I’ve been trying that are sure to make their way into my regular rotation! Continue reading


Paleo Jambalaya

Aw yiss, it’s been months and months since I posted a recipe! I had a hankering for jambalaya tonight, which I don’t eat nearly enough of and have never tried making at home before. My only problem: I didn’t have several crucial ingredients, namely andouille sausage and shrimp. BUT I did have salami (salami isn’t typically accepted as a paleo food due to being processed, but it IS delicious and I happened to have some on hand) and tilapia, and I did NOT want to go to the store! So I made a few substitutions.

The results? Delicious. Continue reading

Perfect Paleo Fried Rice

My husband has been very supportive of my decision to “go Paleo”, but I know he sometimes misses the really good stuff- the comfort foods I used to cook much more often- homemade pizza, pasta, naan bread, fried rice. I miss it too! But a few days ago we made fried rice together that was so similar in flavor and texture to the “real stuff” that we were both happy and satisfied. Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Cookies

I was a little bummed this weekend, because I attempted an apple cider recipe that at first did not turn out good. At all. I had taken some really pretty process pictures I was excited to use (apple chunks and cinnamon sticks photograph well, I guess), so I was bummed that I didn’t have a new recipe to share.

Then, Saturday night, I needed to find a way to use up the last of the large batch of apples that our landlords kindly let us pick from one of their trees. Apple cinnamon cookies were born, and the world rejoiced! Continue reading

Salsa Verde + Cauli-rice Bake

It’s easy, it’s crammed with flavor, and it’s versatile! It’s a casserole, of course! Kind of. If you’re like me, the word “casserole” makes you gag a little, and your standard casserole is *certainly* not paleo-friendly, but never fear. This casserole (which we shall call a “bake” from now on) is delicious and perfectly paleo. Continue reading