Charlie: 4 Months

Mr.Pants (his dad keeps trying to reassure him that his last name is actually PRANGER, but I tell him not to listen to his daddy, he’s crazy) turned 4 months old on 12/22! I won’t know his weight or height until his appointment on the 29th (when he’ll also get his next round of vaccinations, alas!) but he is getting long! His 3 month onesies still fit through the torso, but his arms are getting a bit too long for them. Continue reading


Book Club: The Magician’s Assistant

Our next book club won’t get underway until January, so this gives you a chance to get a head start on obtaining the book and reading! Fortunately this one should be a bit easier to come across than The Goldfinch, and it’s a much quicker read, too. The book is The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett. Continue reading

When I Pray For My Son

I pray for my son every night as I rock him to sleep. Usually I pray for peace, for health, for good sleep and that he would wake up healthy and happy. If I have recently read a story about SIDS or any of the other myriad terrible things that can befall a little one in the night, then I sometimes simply pray that he will wake up. I pray that God would cover him with His feathers (Psalm 91:4) and that my baby would love the Lord all the days of his life. Continue reading

Book Club: The Goldfinch Check-In #4 (The End!)

I know everyone else already finished it and I’m totally the loser here, but I finally finished The Goldfinch and am ready to talk about it! Thanks everyone for waiting for Lady Slowpoke over here. Next month the holidays will be over so I will have my act together.

First of all, this post/discussion obviously has SPOILERS so if you haven’t read The Goldfinch but you want to, go away now! I mean that in the kindest way! Continue reading

Book Club: The Goldfinch Check-In #3

Well, I feel a little foolish. This check in should have been posted TWO WEEKS AGO. My excuses are as follows: I got sick, then my baby got sick, then we were hosting Thanksgiving, then both of our cars broke down on the same day, then my in-laws visited. I’ve been running on fumes and three cups of coffee a day, and have barely had a chance to pick up the book or sit down at my laptop for an extended length of time. Continue reading

Paleo Jambalaya

Aw yiss, it’s been months and months since I posted a recipe! I had a hankering for jambalaya tonight, which I don’t eat nearly enough of and have never tried making at home before. My only problem: I didn’t have several crucial ingredients, namely andouille sausage and shrimp. BUT I did have salami (salami isn’t typically accepted as a paleo food due to being processed, but it IS delicious and I happened to have some on hand) and tilapia, and I did NOT want to go to the store! So I made a few substitutions.

The results? Delicious. Continue reading