Charlie: 5 Months

Month 5 was the most difficult month so far. Much harder than dealing with a newborn, who mostly sleeps during the day! Ever since we arrived home from Christmas, we have had a bit of a rough patch. Charlie was going through a pretty significant developmental milestone, marked by being clingy, fussy, and all-around grouchy! It’s also marked by what some people refer to as the “4 month sleep regression”. Really it’s a progression because it’s a sign of the mental progress they’re making, but it often means that a baby that previously slept for long stretches at a time now wakes up more frequently… which was absolutely the case for us.

Mommy is tired. Continue reading


Did the President Really “Slam” Stay at Home Moms?

Hold on to your yoga pants, mommies.

Apparently, President Obama “slammed”, “insulted” or otherwise hates stay at home moms. The offending quote?

“Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”


Well, I don’t really see the insult there, unless you are an individual who is determined to be insulted by everything the President says, but I do understand why that quote, taken out of context, could cause some SAHMs to scratch their heads. This quote is taken from The President’s Remarks on Woman and the Economy in Providence, RI on 10/31/14. Continue reading

Supermom? Or Stupormom?

Every new mother falls victim to the overwhelming urge to “do it all”. Breastfeed, make sure your baby gets adequate tummy time, don’t develop any bad habits. Read to them from (or before) birth! Develop a night-time routine. Keep the house clean and all inhabitants fed and in clean clothes (bonus points for folded and put away!). Possibly even work, in or out of the home, in addition to childrearing and homemaking. Often, I believe, we find that our spouses are willing to cut us some slack and don’t mind too much if the house isn’t spotless or a week’s worth of meals haven’t been planned and prepped and shopped for by Sunday evening. I know my husband is particularly forgiving on this front- he cares much more about coming home to a happy wife and child than a magazine-worthy living room and a three course meal. And yet the pressure remains, partly from within, partly as a perception of what other moms are doing. Continue reading

Quit Using “Mom” as a Derogatory Term!

Here we go.

Months ago, when I wasn’t even in my third trimester of pregnancy yet, I posted a little rant on facebook about the term “Mommy” when used as marketing lingo and how it really turned me off. (i.e. “Mommy cards”, “Mommy dates”, “Mommy bloggers” etc.) A few well meaning women (all mothers themselves) misunderstood my frustration and thought I was dissing the term itself, which led to me eventually deleting the entire thread from Facebook because I didn’t want to have to try to explain myself anymore. Otherwise I would repost the original discussion here for context. Continue reading

A Lesson from the Pumpkin Patch

We paid a visit to a pumpkin patch today. I was crazy excited for this little outing because it represents our son’s first holiday-related adventure. One of the aspects of parenting I have always been most excited about is making the holidays magical for our kids. Obviously Charlie is a little young for a lot of the really fun stuff, but this was still a momentous occasion for me. Continue reading

Crazy in Love, Crazy Insecure

As a new mom, my day-to-day life is filled with new insecurities. Being a young woman I’m no stranger to insecurity, but this new phase has me wondering whether I’m completely overanalyzing things and being crazy or if this is just another one of those weird “normal” parts of motherhood. Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments. Continue reading

Charlie: Month 2

Ack! How has it been two months?!

This is the month that we began to see fleeting social smiles (they’re still quite rare, but the frequency is increasing). He has also begun to discover his voice, which means lots of yelling, oohs, and aahs, especially when he’s laying in his Pack N’ Play and looking up at his dangling toys. Those sounds slay me. Continue reading

Charlie: Month 1

I’m a little behind. Charlie is 8 weeks today, and I’m just now getting to documenting his first month on earth. But I have, like, the best excuse of all, right?

What to say about his first month? It was a blur. It went by so fast. I spent most of it recovering from childbirth. The postpartum period was a misery I was NOT prepared for. Only now at 8 weeks postpartum do I MOSTLY feel like myself again (not entirely). I ended up with a uterine infection at 8 days pp that necessitated a trip to the emergency room. The antibiotics for that led to an entirely DIFFERENT type of infection, the details of which I will spare you from. I was sore and exhausted and leaking out of multiple orifices and pretty much miserable, and yet at the same time I was utterly blissed out and completely in love with my little squirmy worm. And I still am, except now without the leaking! :D Continue reading