Book Club: Forever Check In #1

Sorry this first check-in is late! I thought I had scheduled them in advance but I guess not. Derp.

Forever seems to be divided into sections with smaller sub-chapters, so today let’s discuss the first two sections- through chapter 30. Continue reading


Book Club: Forever

As you may have noticed, the new book for Book Club is being announced eleven days late! That was to allow time for a few stragglers to catch up and finish last month’s book. And now that (I think?) we’ve all finished, it’s time to heave a collective sigh of relief (seriously) and move on!

Because February is a short month and we’re cutting it shorter by announcing the book so late, this book will extend through March as well. I’m going to give everyone the rest of February to get a hold of the book (I had to place mine on hold at the library and waited about a week to get it) and begin reading, and we’ll begin our weekly check-ins in March! Continue reading